8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes

8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes

Presenting you 8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes to make you diet plan healthier. I think everybody here crave for sugar the way I do. Whenever I think of cakes, ice-creams, chocolates, and donuts I just could not resist myself from eating one. But as you know, sugar negatively effects our body. Knowing the fact that sugar can be fatal to our health, one must rather choose from the other alternatives available. Here, is 8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes. Also, it is quite confusing to choose the substitute of sugar as the taste, price, and the way they are used differs. But here is this article to help you out.

Why refined sugar is dangerous ? Click here to know

Why eating too much sugar dangerous?

  • Free invitation of diseases
  • Led to diabetes
  • Blood sugar level increases
  • Tooth decay
  • weight gain
  • Obesity
  • poor nutrition

8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes


raw jaggery

In 8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes, Jaggery is the most healthy substitute of refined sugar. But people often ask how to choose best quality jaggery from multiple jaggeries available in the kitchen. So, here is the way to choose best quality jaggery for most benefit. Darker the color of jaggery , most beneficial it would be for health.

Benefits of jaggery
  • Jaggery helps in activating digestive enzymes in the body. This stimulates bowel movement, which ultimately helps tp reduce the issue of constipation.
  • It acts as a detoxing element for liver.
  • Helpful to treat mild cough and cold.
  • Also acts as a immunity booster.
  • Due to its richness in nutrients, it relieves menstrual pain.
  • Control blood pressure
  • Helps to treat anemia
  • Prevents respiratory problems


8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes

There are three forms in which stevia is available. They are available in the form of powder, leaves and tablets. They are really good substitute of table sugar.

Benefits of stevia
  • Researches has shown that stevia sweeteners do not add to calories. Thus, this is ideal for diabetic patients.
  • Those aiming towards losing weight can include stevia in their diet. It contains very few calories and no sugar.
  • Helps to balance blood sugar level.
  • Stevia when included in various drinks and desserts, reduces its negative effects. Thus it is better for diet of children.
  • best for diabetic patients
  • Used in tea and variety of coffee
  • Other drinks and beverages
  • kheer
  • most of the desserts
  • ice-creams

One should include stevia in their diet keeping in mind its various side effects. Over consumption of stevia may be harmful as well.

Brown sugar

brown sugar

In 8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes, brown sugar is regarded as one of the best sugar that can be added in any recipe. It has multiple benefits than regular crystalized sugar.

Benefits of brown sugar
  • Brown sugar is lower in calorie and contains many health benefits than table sugar.
  • It prevents from obesity.
  • Also helps in relieving menstrual cramps
  • Brown sugar being very beneficial, is also free from various chemicals and harmful ingredients present in table sugar.
  • It helps in improving working of digestive system.
  • Enormous benefits for women in gestation period.
  • This sugar also helps in boosting immunity naturally.

Khaand/ Muscovado


In 8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes, Muscovado sugar is touted by many as a healthier replacement of regular refined sugar. It has numerous benefits on body.

Benefits of Muscovado
  • Contains vitamins and minerals
  • helps to maintain ideal weight
  • magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and even vitamins A and B complex are some the nutrients found in muscovado
  • Also contains potassium, calcium and iron as well
  • Used is cakes and brownies
  • In tea, coffee and other beverages
  • Also. ideal for drinks
  • Every dessert can be prepared using khaand
  • Do not use in making condensed milk


8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes

It is very beneficial and is loaded with many nutritional benefits. This results best when used in place of refined sugar. It works as one of the best substitute of regular sugar.

Benefits of honey
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Due to presence of anti-oxidants they also help in maintaining blood sugar level.
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Good for heart and functioning of heart
  • Also promotes in healing wounds and burns
  • Helps greatly in sore throat or cough
  • it has enormous benefits for skin and face as well

Unrefined mishri/threaded mishri

8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes
threaded Mishri/rock sugar

Unrefined mishri or the threaded mishri is a great substitute of refined sugar. Reason behind opting unrefined mishri is that refined mishri is almost same as the table sugar. Also, is not as beneficial as the threaded or the unrefined ones.

  • It helps in relieving sore throat and cough issues
  • can be used in tea, coffee and every recipe where you use regular sugar
  • it improves the strength of brain
  • also improves seminal fluid in males as suggested by Ayurveda
  • in case of nose bleeding, it may help to stop it
  • Rock sugar also helps in improving digestion
  • may prove helpful in mouth ulcers
  • Because of its taste similar with regular, it is popular

Date paste

8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes

Dates are a popular type of fruit with enormous benefits and multiple uses. They are known for their natural sugar content. Due to the presence of high nutrients, this fruit is very beneficial.

Benefits of dates
  • Dates are packed with number of vitamins and are rich in fiber.
  • It helps in easy bowel movements
  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • Also, dates boosts energy and makes you fresh through out the day
  • improves the functionality of brain
  • Also, reduces risk of some cancers
  • helps to tackle diabetes
  • protects your kidney
  • It improves fertility in males
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Decreases the chances of having night blindness


8 Must try healthy sugar substitutes

They are present in jaggery, khaand, and brown sugar. That is why, greater amount of molasses indicates better quality sugar. For example jaggery has major part constituted of molasses. It is a product resulting from refining sugarcane. Or sugar beets into sugar to make molasses.

Benefits of molasses
  • It has anti-oxidant capacity
  • Protects from the deficiency of iron for menstruating women
  • Also helps in reducing obesity and weight gain
  • Make bones stronger
  • Also constitutes of various vitamins and minerals. So, this helps to fight fatigue and headache
  • Improves hair growth
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