9 coffee recipes

Coffee is brewed drink, which is made from the roasted beans of coffee. There are number of variety of coffee. Here, I have prepared 9 coffee recipes. All these 9 coffee recipes will make you even more energetic.

Extraction of coffee includes a really hardworking process. Firstly, seeds of berries are collected from certain coffee species. After, the process of ripe, berries are picked up for coffee beans, processed and dried then. And these seeds of coffee are roasted depending on the desired flavor. Thus, variety of coffee are prepared.

Types of coffee


It is one of the most popular variety of coffee. People prefer Arabica because of its taste. Taste of Arabica is sweeter and hence can be drink straight. It is mainly used for black coffee. It is so popular and demanded among the population yet contains less caffeine than Robusta.


Robusta is that variety of coffee which has its origin in central and western sub-Saharan Africa. It is quite cheaper and stronger. Robusta is used basically for espresso drinks and in instant coffee mixes. Taste of Robusta is quite bitter, for the same reason, its price is low.


This variety of coffee originated from Liberia, as the name suggests. It is less known in the world of coffee. This coffee is much stronger than Arabica.

Why is there need to know the types of coffee

When it comes to order a coffee, it is not a big deal.  Whenever one visits any café, being a coffee lover, he/she simply orders a cup of coffee. However, things get complicated when one visits a very expensive and high five café, then there is not just simply the option for a “coffee”, as you may found a numerous variety of coffee ranging from cappuccino to Americano and many more.

Hence, it becomes difficult for you to select one. As, what generally happens is that either you do not know about the tastes of different variety of coffee or you are confused between the variations. So, here is the solution of what you are looking for.

But before jumping directly to variety of coffee, there is something more that one must know about it. It would not be justified if only boons of coffee are listed here.

That is why, it seems significant to look towards its harmful effects first.

Negative effects

  • Most of us might be knowing that coffee consists of caffeine. And consumption of caffeine for longer term on regular basis is not recommended as such.
  • In case one is coffee addict, its consumption should not exceed 2 cups daily. Better would be if does not exceeds one.
  • There is increased risk of heart related diseases.
  • Coffee may also combat high blood pressure.

Wait, stick to us, because boons are no less.

Positive effects

  • Coffee being one of the world’s popular and demanded beverages, contains high level of antioxidants as well.
  • It consists of some beneficial nutrients as well.
  • It improves energy level. That is why, people when tired or feel sleepy, opt for a cup of coffee.
  • Sometimes, depending on the body type, it may also helps in burning fat.

Enough is listed about boons and banes of coffee.

I think, its time to see variety of coffee.

9 coffee recipes and its preparation

Here is the list of some popular and famous choices of coffee. If we will sit on counting, there are endless variety. But to clear the ambiguity, I have listed down some more demanded varieties.


It is really necessary to know what espresso is. Because there are shots of espresso in the type of coffee we prefer. Espresso is indeed, a coffee making method which has been originated in Italy. Here, a small quantity of water is forced under high pressure through finely grounded coffee beans. Espresso can be prepared from variety of coffee beans depending on demands and choices.

Since, not everybody has coffee machine in their homes. So here is how it can be prepared at home.

Espresso preparation for 9 coffee recipes:

  • Take a cup and fill it with boiling water and rinse the cup properly after a few minutes.
  • Fill ¼ portion of the cup with coffee (mixture of coffee powder and hot water). And whisk it well, till frothy.
  • Now add hot water to it.
  • Espresso is ready.

9 coffee recipes is here :

1.Black coffee       



Instant coffee

Brown sugar/ stevia


  • Take a pan and add one cup water to it. Bring it to boil.
  • Take a cup. Add coffee and sugar to it. Add a little hot water and mix it well.
  • Once dissolved well. Add more water to it, depending on how strong coffee you prefer.
  • Serve hot.

2. Latte




Brown sugar


  • In a cup, fill ¼ portion with espresso shot.
  • In another bowl, take milk and whisk it well. Whisk it with a blender, in a mixer or with a hand whisker till foamy and creamy.
  • Now, in a cup filled with ¼ th of espresso shot, fill the milk. Add creamy and foamy part of milk in the top of it.
  • Latte is ready to be served.

3. Cappuccino


1.Espresso shots


3.Brown sugar


  • In a bowl, take milk and whisk it till creamy and foamy.
  • Now, take a cup add espresso shot and milk to it. Quantity of milk should not be much or add more quantity of espresso.
  • Cappuccino is read.
9 coffee recipes

There is only difference between café latte and cappuccino. Latte consists of more amount of milk and is quite milky. While, on the other hand, cappuccino is a strong coffee and contains least amount of milk.





3.brown sugar


  • Take espresso shots in a cup and hot water to it. Add sugar to it as per taste.

Americano and black coffee are not same. As Americano is less intense. And major difference is that it is prepared from espresso shots.

5. Macchiato




3.brown sugar


  • Take milk in a glass or bowl and whisk/blend it till creamy and foamy.
  • And now in a cup or glass, pour the blended foamy milk. Then, add the espresso over it slowly. It is ready.
9 coffee recipes

There is a difference between latte and macchiato. Latte starts with espresso with the milk and foam on the top. While macchiato is the reverse, where espresso is added from the top.

In comparison with cappuccino, Macchiato only consists of steamed milk and espresso. On the other hand, cappuccino is all about equal ratio.

6. Mocha




3.brown sugar

4.chocolate syrup/chocolate (white/dark)

9 coffee recipes


Like café latte, mocha too is based on espresso and hot milk. What different in mocha is that it also contains variety of chocolate syrup or dark or white milk chocolate. It may also contain cocoa powder and sugar depending on taste.




2.brown sugar


4.ice cubes

5.whipped cream (home-made, preservative free)


  • In a shaker, take milk, add ice and espresso to it. Shake it well. Or simply you can mix it in a glass jar.
  • Frappe is prepared, but whipped cream or ice-cream can be added to it.  Chocolate sauces can also be added to it. It enhances flavor.

A frappe is blended till a foam is formed over it.

Frappuccino is starbucks’ cold blended coffee. It is a frappe only difference is that it has reserved name that other companies cannot.

8. Simple hot coffee


1.Brown sugar


3.coffee powder


This is recipe of hot coffee that is generally preferred and demanded.

  • Firstly, in a cup, take 2tbsp coffee powder and 2 tbsp brown sugar. Whisk them well with a spoon or blend it till is changes its color. It will turn into a foamy mixture, light brown and becomes thick.
  • Then, in another cup take hot milk and add some amount of mixture to it. You can add sugar and mixture according to taste.
  • This really is the best form of hot coffee.

9. Dalgona


  1. Coffee powder
  2. brown sugar
  3. hot water
  4. milk


  • In a bowl or cup, take equal amount of coffee powder, brown sugar and hot water. For say, 2 tbsp of each.
  • Mix and blend them well until creamy and turns into a light brown color.It will turn thick and foamy.
  • Now, in a cup or glass take milk (hot/cold) and add sugar to it if required more. Then add prepared mixture to it.
  • Dalgona is ready.


There are actually endless variety of coffee. The way they are prepared also varies across countries. Thus, I have listed down some major preferable variety of coffee. The ingredients used in all these varieties of coffee are more or less same. What make them different from each other is  the proportion of milk and espresso.

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