All recipes

All recipes

All recipes here are 100% healthy, with no preservatives and harsh chemicals, 100% eggless and absolutely tasty without compromising with health.

Biscuits and Cookies

Here are all recipes of biscuits and cookies. These all recipes are absolutely healthy without compromising with taste. Try out these recipes yourself and i am sure you would love it.

Sweet balls/ladoo

Ladoos hold very special and auspicious place in Indian culture. Number of varieties are there to serve every occasion. All these ladoos are healthy. Eat guilt free!

Healthy cakes and brownies

Who does not love cakes and chocolate brownies? I think everyone love it! How about then healthy cakes and brownies which are absolutely healthy and perfectly tasty!

Breads and buns

All healthy whole wheat breads, multi grain breads and multigrain flour recipe at home is awaiting you. Have a look!

Healthier versions of junk food

Nothing could be more exciting than having your favorite junk food in their healthier yet tastier versions. You will regret not trying this recipes!

Sauces and Dips

You will find here all your favorite dips, sauces and more. These condiments go hand in hand with every snack. What could be more amazing than preparing all these at home keeping in view all health factors.

Bars and bites

Bars make the perfect crunch to feed your hunger. They are healthy as well as yummy.