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Oh so you too are a momo lover like me!? You are at the right place then. Knowing the unhealthy factors about momos, here is the recipe of whole wheat momos. As everybody knows, momos are just incomplete without dip so recipe of home made mayonnaise and tomato kethup is also here for your convenience.

History of momo

Dumplings are popular across the himalayan regions. In different places and countries, momos are called by different names. Also, the way they are prepared and served also varies. Being so tasty it dominates our snacks. So, what about trying momo recipe at home?

Gradually, in India too momos have become very popular. So, let us see a bit more about it.

Are you too a momo freak?

Are you too a momo lover? A fitness freak? Or concerned towards your health? Kudos! Necessarily, this recipe is for you . Because, being a momo lover along with fitness freak is not easier. Hence, there was need for whole wheat momos by substituting refined oil and other things for the reason they are not good for health. And these whole wheat momos turned out just awesome and much more tastier.

Therefore, you must try this at home once. You will leave opting for momos available in the market.

Momos entered in India as well, in a way that you can found it as street food, in cafes and restaurants. Momos or what we callas dumplings are very popular nowadays, with countless stuffing in it.

There are some questions that people commonly have in context of momo. Thus, i tried answering a few of them in the hope it will be helpful.

Are momos healthy?

Whether momos are healthy or not, depends on the ingredients used to prepare them. Momos are prepared using refined flour or what you call all purpose flour. All or at least most of us already know how much harmful and useless refined flour is. Hence, momos are not at all healthy.

However, if momos are prepared using wheat flour or any other healthy flour, they are healthy then. For example, i made whole wheat momos without, both refined oil and refined flour.

Can you make momos with rice flour?

Yes. Momos can be prepared using rice flour.

Why momo is not good for health?

Momos are made with the refined flour which has no nutritional content in it. Also, it is harmful for our body. Studies have also found that momos have Monosodium Glutamate which can cause cancer. Those who prefer non-veg momos are in more danger as there is no quality check of the quality of meat used in it. Although, if you can prepare momos at home, then there is no harm or any issue regarding health.

Is momo a junk food?

Absolutely Yes! They are one of the most dangerous street food or we can call it as junk food. Ingredients used in the preparation of momos are of most poor quality. Vegetables or chicken/meat/ spices gives no guarantee of quality. The poor quality resources used in momos may led to dysfunction in bodily parts and serious bacterial infections. Hence, one more point added to home made momos.

Why you should not eat street momos?

  • They are made from refined flour which works no less than poison in long term.
  • Deep fried momos are fried in refined oil which is the worst oil. They are treated with acid or bleached and has chemicals like Hexane.
  • Quality of vegetables or meat provides no guarantee, hence poor quality ingredients.
  • No check on hygiene, which may cause food poisoning and various infections.
  • The red dip served widely with momos are way too unhealthy. They too are prepared using poor quality ingredients and are stored in containers giving not a single thought towards hygiene.
  • The utensils they use have no guarantee if ever washed.

Why home made momos are the best ?

The momos i made, are completely healthy to consume because –

  • It is prepared using whole wheat flour
  • it contains freshly cooked vegetables
  • Olive oil/ unsalted butter
  • home made momos guarantees hygiene at first.
  • The dip is used is home made. Tomato sauce and mayonnaise both are prepared at home.

Variety of momo

 But majorly people know momos as vegetable momos and chicken momos. So, today I am sharing the recipe of vegetable momos with no harmful ingredient in it. I will also be sharing the recipe of chicken momos later on.

I have shared momos recipe below with clear images/pictures of momos. Follow Step by step procedure and you can easily make these tasty momo at home.

So, let us begin…

veg momos recipe

Momo recipe

Total Time 1 hr 10 mins


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 tbsp butter/olive oil
  • ½ tsp rock salt
  • 200 grams cabbage
  • small capsicum
  • 1 medium onion

Preparation for momo recipe

Step 1 : Take  1 cup wheat flour. Add butter and salt to it.  knead a soft dough as you do for chapatti. After the dough is ready, keep it for rest of 15-20 minutes.

Step 2 : In other pan take 2tbsp mustard oil/olive oil/white butter. Add finely chopped onions to it and cook themDim sum/momos Recipe (whole wheat). When all vegetables are half cooked, coriander powder chicken masala and cumin seed powder to be added at this stage. Add salt to taste. Mix everything well and cover for 2-3minutes. Cook them well. Your filling is ready.

Step 3: Take the dough now. Divide them into small balls. You can make 20-24 momos from 1 cup flour. Now take one small ball of dough and roll it into thin sheets of length 8-10cm. Once thin sheet is ready, add a spoon of filling in the center of thin sheet. Now, start wrapping it like  small frills by bringing the edges together. On first attempt shape of momos may not come out to be perfect. As its shape depends on practice, as the taste will yet remain same.

Prepare rest of the momos following same process. When all momos are wrapped, next step is to keep all of them in a greased plate.

Step 4 : PREPARE YOUR STEAMER NOW. There are two ways for steaming.

  1. Firstly, if you have idli maker, then you can easily use it for steaming momos as well.
  2. Secondly, if you do not have idli maker, you can prepare your own steamer which is so easy to make. Take a deep cooking pot ( kadhai), and add some water to it and then place a small bowl or a stand to it so. You have to keep a bowl because you need to place your greased plate of momos over it.

  Make sure your plate does not touches water, here comes the role of stand or a bowl. It prevents from touching the plate from water. (Most noteworthy, size of the plate should be smaller than the pot so that it can be easily kept inside and there must remain some space between pot and plate from sides).

  Now, cover the momos and let them steam for 10-15 minutes)

After 15 minutes, your momos are ready to it. You can serve them with your favorite dip. Enjoy this all way healthy momos which is prepared with the ingredients available inside home.

This is how wheat momos actually look, they are perfectly cooked.

Knowing the unhealthy factors about momos, here is the recipe of whole wheat momos. As everybody knows, momos are just incomplete without dip so recipe of home made mayonnaise and tomato kethup is also here for your convenience.

wait a minute ! what about the dip!? As everybody knows, momos are just incomplete without dip so recipe of home made mayonnaise and tomato ketchup is also here for your convenience.

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