Home-made condensed milk


Condensed milk or what we call sweetened condensed milk is prepared from cow’s milk. It is made from full fat milk. There are also evaporated milk having complex process because they are not sweetened condensed milk. Although, both sweetened and unsweetened condensed milk have same amount of water removed from them.

many people consider making condense milk at home complex. However, home-made condensed milk is easier, tastier and healthier.

Storage of home-made condensed milk

Condensed milk last for years once prepared. By years, what I mean is condensed milk present in the markets can be preserved for years, not the home made ones. Home-made condensed milk can stay for lesser time as there are no preservatives present in it. Once prepared, home-made condensed milk can be stored up to 3 months in air tight jar in refrigerator.

Why home-made condensed milk better?

  • It has no preservatives: Since, known by everyone, condensed milk present in the market can be kept for long time not because of some magical ingredients, But because of preservatives. Preservatives let condensed milk last for long term. In home-made condensed milk, there are no preservatives, hence safer!
  • No compromise with taste: Most of the people think that home-made condense milk cannot be prepared up to the mark in comparison with the market ones. But, this is the myth. Recipe of sweetened condensed milk once prepared, tastes equally to the market ones. You may find home-made ones better too!
  • Healthier : as there are no preservatives add, it is healthier. Not only the preservatives, but there are many harmful ingredients use in it for enhancement of taste in the market.

I am not personally against any brand or product available in the market or groceries. I am just intend to make people aware towards their health.

Due to bad eating habits and carelessness towards health related factors, various diseases are emerging.

Pros and cons of condensed milk

Enhances the tasteTooth decay and obesity
Long storing periodHuge amount of sugar and saturated fat
Can be used in multiple recipes1 tbs includes 55-60 calories
Easy to prepare at homeIncreases risk of diabetes
Contains bone-healthy minerals
like protein and phosphorous
It is not terribly rich in other ingredients


Condensed milk can be use in:

  • cakes
  • baking cookies.
  • donuts.
  • sweets.
  • cupcakes and muffins.
  • making chocolates.
  • making pudding.
  • preparation of ice cream.

bakers use Condensed milk in more or less every
dessert where milk is use.


Although being very tasty and yummy, they are really not good to our
body. It’s a good replace to milk in some recipes as it enhances and
enriches the taste.
However, studies have shown that parents carelessly consume and let
their children too, which is extremely bad for health.
It not only leads to obesity, but also creates the higher probability of
risk of diabetes. it is prepared with only sugar and milk which makes it very fatty and extreme sweet.
We may find many younger children developing disease much before
the age which is due to these unhealthy eating habits.
Condensed milk prepared in home is yet much better and
recommended for consumption. Condensed milk is already something which one should not consume and when it’s pack with preservatives and harmful ingredients, then it is no less than inviting diseases.
Thus, it’s better to consume condensed milk occasionally in lesser quantity.

Let us look at the recipe of home-made condensed milk


  • Full fat milk – ½ litre
  • Brown sugar/mishri/cane sugar- 1cup
  • Baking soda- a pinch


Step 1: In a heavy bottom pan take ½ litre of full fat milk.
Step 2: Let it reach at boiling point at high flame. Once boiled,
reduce the gas flame to medium and keep reducing it.
Step 3: Once reduced to half, add powered brown sugar to it and
keep stirring continuously.
Step 4: when powered brown sugar is dissolve completely, speed of stirring should be decreased. Keep stirring till thickens.
Step 5: If there are crumbles, add a pinch of baking soda.
Step 6: Once you add baking soda, it may start boiling faster with
lot of foam. Don’t worry if there is a lot of foam, it’s a part of it once
baking soda added.
Step 7: After adding baking soda it will start thickening. Once it
reaches the consistency shown below, turn off the flame.

Step 8: Allow it to cool down completely and then store it in air tight
jar up to three months.


“Homely and healthy”, is concerned towards health of people,
making them aware about various health related factors. We aim at
providing healthier yet tastier versions of your favourite food stuffs.
Although, knowing about the harmful effects of condensed milk, it
was necessary to provide yet a better version of it. That is, in the
form of home-made condensed milk. Consumption of anything
more than required effects the functioning of the body negatively. Still, limited amount of consumption is less harmful.

For more recipes, stay tuned!

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