Must have baking essentials

How to use this ? Are these spoons essential ? Should I buy this pair of knife? Is spatula important? From where can I can this baking dish? These are some very common questions a beginner of baker have. But you need not worry when I am here. I have made your work easier by listing down some must have baking essentials for beginners.

When you start up with baking, you may find it quite confusing and difficult. But when you have some essential baking dishes, your work become much easier. Its quite difficult initially to decide what to buy and what not to. That is why, I sorted out the list of some baking essentials tools for beginners. This baking essential list will surely help you out. Also, these are some must have baking essentials which will make your baking journey more easier.

1. Measuring cups and Measuring spoons

When you make veggies, or some regular dishes, a disbalance of salt or spice is adjustable. But when you bake something, even a dash of difference in required quantity can spoil your dish, whether it is cake, cookies and etc. Measuring cups and measuring spoons are very essential at this stage for adding in perfect amount of ingredients for any dish. Baking spoons are generally used for measuring baking powder, baking soda, salt, yeast and much much more. Measuring cups are used for taking exact amount of flour, butter, sugar and so on.

2. Baking moulds and tins

Round Cake tin

I don’t think that much explanation is needed for the usability of cake tin. To make perfect cakes, brownies and more, you must have specific cake tins suiting your oven or microwave. Cake tins are round and square as well. Round ones are great for making cakes, pizzas and cheesecakes.

Square tin

On the other side, square moulds are idel for setting in granola bars, making brownies, square cakes, rows of pav(ladi pav), ginger breads, focaccia and more.

Bread mould

It is the only mould that can be used to make bread loafs. You can also use them for making banana cakes, fruit cake and so on.

3. Silicon spatula and brushes

I did not realized the significance of spatula and brushes until i had one. They are much useful than you could expect. Spatula helps to mix the wet and dry ingredients. And brushes are used to grease the tins, moulds and so on. Brushes are also used to apply some oil/milk pre-baking.

4. Wooden spoon

Wooden spoons or regular spoons are used for mixing and combining the ingredients well. One must have a pair of spoon for mixing.

5. Hand whisker

Hand whisker have enormous uses and baking cakes and cookies are quite a difficult task without it. It is used to make lump free batters. It is also used to whisk in butter and sugar to a fluffy mix, which is a must procedure in making cookies. Hand whisker reduces the time consume in making any dish as it works better than a fork (if used as a substitute). It mixes and combines the ingredients well.

6. Mixing bowls

Different sized mixing bowls are needed to keep the mixtures separate. For instance, while you make cakes, you need to keep dry and wet ingredients separate. Also, to bake mess free, its great to have different sized bowls for that matter.

7. Baking/ Parchment paper

Baking sheets are really significant when you start baking. Baking sheets protect your cookies, cakes, and every dish from sticking in the bottom. There are two types of baking sheets.

Re-usable baking sheet

These are the non-stick baking sheets which can be used for years until torn out. They are much in price than other baking paper as they have longer life. Drawback is that they have a rectangular static shape and you cannot cut them depending on your baking tray size.

Use and throw sheets

These sheets can be used twice or thrice but not more than that. You can cut and use this baking paper depending on the size of baking moulds.

8. Cookie cutters

As the name suggests, they are used to give shape to biscuits. There number of shapes available for cookie cutters. Ranging from heart shape to stars and much more than you can imagine. They cut the cookies in a very clean way then any other equipment of kitchen if you will try.

9. Cooling rack

As soon as you take dish out of the oven, you need to get it down to room temperature. Cooling racks helps to bring cookies, cakes to the room temperature and allow even cooling.

10. Baking tray

Of course, the base of baking anything is baking tray. Most of the time, you get baking tray along with the oven or microwave. But in case you do not get one, you must have to buy a baking tray. Your every other mould is gonna place over it for baking.

11. Baking Gloves

When you have to take out things from the oven when it is done, it becomes a very difficult task. Oven is super hot at that time, and putting in bare hands is way too risky. Hence, here comes the role of gloves. Baking gloves are different than regular gloves. Baking gloves become must when you have to deal with glass made heavy dishes.

These were some of the Must have baking essentials to make your baking journey much easier and amazing.

Have a happy baking !

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