Recipe of donuts

History and recipe of donuts

Presenting you healthy recipe of donuts. A doughnut or donut is a dessert. It is very popular across countries. So, we brought with us recipe of donuts. Donut actually is a type of ring-shaped dough, which is deep fried. Traditionally, there are basically two types of donuts. First is ring donut, whereas other is filled donut which is injected with strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup and so on.

The origin of donuts can be traced back to Dutch settlers, who brought them from New York. Although, donuts of current times resembled from earlier ones, but they are different now.

Changes in donuts and its variety

Changes and adoptions as per the current needs is human nature. So, with the changes in time, there has been emergence of various types and shapes of doughnuts. There are basically four shapes of doughnut, that are, filled, holes, topping, rings and others including the shape of bars.

There various flavors available in donuts ranging from chocolate donuts, strawberry donuts, butterscotch and most probably your every favorite flavor.

Recipe of donuts {healthy baked donuts}

Sounds amazing right!? Nothing could be more awesome than finding a healthy recipe of doughnuts. Yes ! heard right!

A donut which is whole wheat and does not consists of any harmful ingredients. This recipe includes no refined sugar or refined oil. These donuts are baked for the healthy purpose, although you can deep fry them in absence of oven or microwave.

How can a donut be healthy ?

As it is very well known, a donut is deep-fried. It contains refined sugar, deep fried in refined oil and most of all, it is made of refined flour. And effects of refined flour in our body is just countless. There is a separate article on refined flour. Hence, there was need to switch for healthy!

Why you should not go for fried packed donuts?

There are several reasons for the fact that you should not eat donuts available in the market-

  • Donuts are made using refined flour which has no nutritional value. In fact, refined flour or all purpose flour is considered as worst flour because it damages the body and its functioning in the long term.
  • Donuts are deep fried in refined oil. Again, refined oil is way too dangerous as even it is banned in some countries. Thus, leading to various diseases.
  • Refined sugar again is very dangerous leading to weight gain, diabetes and high cholesterol level. It damages the immune system. It is detrimental to functioning of liver.
  • Donuts are dipped in various flavored chocolates, strawberries, which have synthetic and artificial flavors mostly. Chocolate, strawberry dips again are loaded with sugar which is invitation to diseases.

Why home made recipe of donuts is best?

The recipe of donut i presented here has no harm in it because-

  • Donuts are prepared using whole wheat flour(100 percent whole wheat).
  • Butter has been used in preparation of dough.
  • Donuts are not deep fried, they are baked.
  • No refined sugar has been used, instead brown sugar .
  • Chocolate sauce is prepared using natural cocoa powder, milk, butter and brown sugar.
  • There are no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

The recipe of donuts


Donut recipe

Servings 4


  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • ¼ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp yeast
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • a pinch rock salt
  • a drop vanilla essence
  • 4-6 tbsp milk


Step 1: For the recipe of donuts, in a bowl, take 1 cup of wheat flour, baking soda and baking powder. Add powdered sugar, a pinch of rock salt to it. Now, filter all these ingredients, atleast for 2-3 times. Add yeast to it. Now, add butter(room temperature) and mix it well. Once, dough arrives at binding texture, start adding milk  (warm milk) to it, as required. Knead a soft dough.

Step 2: Once dough is ready, keep it in warm place for 40-60 minutes. After an hour, once again knead it.

Step 3: This step includes giving shape to doughnuts. Take half portion of the dough and start rolling it. The rolled sheet of dough should be thick. Now take a cutter or a cap of jar(two sizes: one small and one large). And cut them in a way as shown in the picture below.

Cut the sheet with a large cutter and then smaller one. Give it a shape of doughnut. Then, prepare rest of the doughnuts using the same steps. 6 donuts can be prepared with this amount.

Step 4: Place them on a tray covered with butter paper. Bake them in pre-heated oven, for 7-10 minutes at 200 degree C on bake mode. Or, in case there is no oven, it can be deep fried.

Step 5: Once donuts are ready, place them on cooling rack until they arrive at normal temperature. Next step is to coat them with chocolate syrup or any of your favorite flavored sauce.

Some Dos and Don’ts in the recipe of donuts
  • sieving all the ingredients is a must. As it removes all the granules from your flour and ingredients, if there is any.
  • Keeping the dough at rest, at least for 40 minutes is must. It allows the dough to bake well.
  • In case yeast is not available, it could be avoided but baking soda and baking powder is necessary.

(Role of yeast is to make donuts fluffy and it helps in fermentation, although it can be avoided)

  • Thickness of the rolled sheets should not be too thick or thin. Remember, that doughnuts would get double the size after baking.
  • Time in different oven and microwave varies. So, adjust accordingly.
Keeping it healthy

Keeping in mind the taste and health perspective, these donuts turned out just awesome. One need not know about amazing cooking skills to make these recipes. They are easier, tastier and healthier. Much better than the donuts available in the market which contains a lot of preservatives and harmful ingredients in it.

Not only the dough but the chocolate sauce of this recipe is harmless and gives really good taste as market ones. In fact, better, You will find the recipe of this chocolate sauce in my another recipe blog. I will post a blog on it soon. So, stay tuned! And must give it a try.

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