Tutti frutti recipe

Tutti Frutti is used in ice-cream, cakes, breads, cookies, shakes, and in manu recipes. Tutti Frutti is mostly the love for children and kids due to its colorful looks. Not only kids but every age group loves this as an inclusion in dessert recipes. Also, tutti frutti recipe is something that everyone should know.

With the arrival of Christmas, demand for tutti frutti also increases. Christmas fruit cake also become an inevitable part of this special day’s menu. That is why, I felt the need to prepare this recipe at home.

You can also use tutti frutti for making chocolate cupcake, chocolate cake and chocolate lollipop.

Why not packed tutti frutti?

Tutti Frutti is prepared using raw papaya by adding in some food color and a lot of sugar. Since we know food colors present in tutti Frutti is extracted from synthetic sources and sugar too is not at all good to health, we must not use it. 

I am not against any brand but I am surely against the products which includes a lot of preservatives and chemicals to make it looks good and tastier by compromising with health aspect. Commercial tutti Frutti are loaded with chemicals, synthetic colors from unreliable sources and refined low quality sugar. That is why I have prepared natural tutti Frutti at home using natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

My tutti Frutti recipe contains 

  1. No chemicals and preservatives

2. No Synthetic food colors

3. No Refined sugar

For the most convenience of my readers, I have explained the recipe in two parts. First part includes making of natural food color and the other part includes making of tutti frutti.

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Tutti frutti recipe

Author Rishika


  • papaya
  • beetroot
  • saffron/turmeric
  • spinach leaves
  • brown sugar
  • water as required

Steps for natural food color at home

  •  To make yellow, red and green food color you need saffron/turmeric, beetroot and spinach respectively for each color.
  • Yellow color – In hot water, dip some saffron strands and allow it release yellow color. In case you are running out of saffron, you can mix in some turmeric powder. Keep this yellow food color in the first bowl.
  • Red color – Take a beetroot and wash it properly. Cut it roughly and grind it in the mixer grinder. Take out all beetroot juice using a strainer. Keep this red food color in the second bowl.
  • Green color– Take spinach and roughly chop it. Do not forget to wash it properly. Now, grind it to a fine paste and strain it well. And transfer this green color to the third bowl. Add a few drops of vanilla essence in all three food colors to avoid domination of any vegetables’ taste.
  • Yay, we prepared naturally extracted food colors. 

Steps for making tutti frutti

  • You have to take papaya according to your need for tutti Frutti.
  • Take a raw papaya, and cut it into small cubes. 
  • In a pan, take that much amount of water in which all papaya cubes can be soaked. Boil the water and cook the papaya till it becomes translucent or partially cooked. 
  • Now strain your papaya well and keep it aside. In the next step, in the same pan take equal amount of brown sugar and water. 
  • You need that amount of the combination which is required for papaya to get soaked completely. Once sugar and water mixture starts boiling, add papaya to it.
  • Cook it till it absorbs the sweetness well. (About 10 minutes).Once you see that papaya has absorbed sugar-water solution well, then turn off the flame and allow it to cool a little bit.
  • Now you have three colors. Divide papaya into three equal proportions and transfer it to the respective bowls. 
  • Pardon, but wait is not over yet. 
  • You need to keep papaya soaked into three colors for about a day or two. Atleast 24 hours is recommended. After 24 hours, you need to strain three of the colored papaya or tutti Frutti.
  • Since, tutti Frutti will be having a lot of moisture at this stage, we need to remove all the moisture from it. 
  • Here, you have three methods for drying up your tutti Frutti.
  • 1.Sun dry
  • 2.Air dry
  • 3.bake in the oven/microwave
  • I will recommend to sun dry tutti frutti since sun is the ultimate source which will evaporate all the moisture from it.
  • Your absolutely healthy tutti frutti is ready at home. 

Important notes

1. Make sure to use completely raw papaya. Absolutely raw papaya will bring best results. Since, my papaya was not completely raw, it took a lot of time to get dried.
2. I will not recommend to use oven for drying papaya since it will take much time and you may not get desired results. Sun drying is the best option.
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